Pickup Upgrade for Model 5: Landy 4×4 Wagon


This product is an Upgrade for your Model 5: Landy 4×4 Wagon. The Pickup Upgrade allows you to print & build 4-door Landy 4×4 Pickup combining parts from your current Landy with Pickup Upgrade parts.

You can build a new model, or disassemble your current model and re-build it to longer Landy Pickup – choose what you prefer.

Upgrade features new adjustable battery holder.


Changelog: Pickup Upgrade for Model 5 v1.1, release date: October 12, 2020

  • new Axles with more durable differentials
  • optional wider track (files located in the Spare Parts folder)
  • added TrackBar to rear Axle, preventing wobble

If you purchased Pickup Upgrade for  Model 5 before, just re-download again to get the latest version for free.

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Pickup Upgrade for “Model 5: Landy 4×4 Wagon”


What you get:
  • 3d printing files: .stl and .gcode optimised for Prusa Mk2-3 printers, .stl for regular 3d printer with 20×20 cm bed size. File download about 37 MB.
  • step-by-step build guide, available here – please read it before you buy!
What you will need:
  • any 20 x 20 cm 3D printer, Prusa i3 recommended
  • 300 g of filament needed to print all parts, PLA or PET.
  • screws and nuts
  • you will need product Model 5: Landy 4×4 Wagon
How I get the purchased files?
  • after purchasing this digital product, you can download the printing files under “My account” (in “Downloads” section)
  • if you encounter a problem with file download or extracting the .zip file, please try to re-download or contact us on email


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