Easy to assemble

All parts are re-attachable, connected by screws - no glue required.

3d print yourself

Most part are 3D printed. You can print infinite spares, virtually for free. Compatible with most 3D printers.

Smooth workflow

Step-by-step user guide included. Prints are divided into logical groups, so you can assemble when you are printing parts for the next day.

It's not a poor toy

Off-road chassis, functional suspension and permanent 4WD with locked differentials – can handle any terrain.

Real gearbox

Real-like gearbox with a permanent gear ratio, high torque output.

Fun - at every stage!

Thoroughly tested. By kids. You will love both assembling and driving.


% of parts are 3d printable


days and you are ready to drive






Easy to Assemble


To build the model you only need some basic tools such as screwdriver, a sharp knife, soldering iron and most importantly - a good mood πŸ™‚

3d print maximum, buy minimum


β€œDont buy parts – just print them, nearly all!” You print most parts starting with bodywork, complete chassis and even cardan joints and gearbox. Buy just motor, radio control electronics, tires and dampers – and you are prepared for ride.

Cheap and fast repairs


You broke something (and it was not easy :-)? Don't worry, in the meantime, you have a spare part re-printed. Then loose few screws and exchange broken part. And – drive again, instantly!

Detailed bodywork


Rancher 4x4 have all scale details based on a real car:

  • opening doors, hood and trunk
  • body details such as door handles, wipers, side mirrors
  • complete interior parts (even floor mats!)
  • the body panels have gaps spaced like the actual car

Step-by-step User Guide


"Build when you print" – you get not only the ready-made print plates but also the time-effective print sequence, so you can continue assembling while you printing and do not need to wait for the part you need.

Build Guide is available online, include complete bill of materials and links for online stores, when you can purchase non-printable parts.

Detailed Interior Parts


In addition to the dashboard and seats, the interior also features an folding armrest that hides the master switch of the model.

Real Gearbox


You'll also print a gearbox that resembles a real-world transmission. The gearbox includes a printed wheels and shafts, and reduces engine speed so even small child can handle the model.

The high gear ratio provides a high torque at the wheels and therefore the car can handle slope with 100% pitch.

Not a poor toy...


"Ride Everywhere" – the car not only has all-wheel drive but also permanently locked differentials, so it can literally get out of all the trouble.

β€œReal, long travel link-based suspension” – suspension system is designed identically as the actual heavy-duty off-road cars. Central attached link bars ensures perfect rigidity of the chassis.

Fillaments friendly


We printed our models from PLA and its strong enough – even for wild outdoor riding. This model is not fillament-picky, so you can also use other types of filament such as PET for even greater durability.

By the way, you'll need roughly 2.5 kg of filament to print the complete Rancher 4x4 model.

The 3d print data


We have prepared the data for your 3D printer in two forms – both the finished gcodes and the Prusa Slic3r slicer-compatible print plates are available for the well known 3d printer "Prusa i3 MK2 / 3".

For other printers with a common 20x20 cm print plate size, print plates are prepared in .stl format that is compatible with any slicing software.

Last but not least, individual parts for individual prints in .stl format are also available.

What you need next to the printed parts?


Just buy set of specific screws (M2, M3 metric size), set of rubber tyres, dampers with springs and RC electronics (transmitter, receiver, speed controller, steering servo, motor, battery). We provide list of these in our user guide.

Technical Parameters


Model is in 1:8 scale, 51 cm (20 inch) length, about 3.2 kg weight. Rancher 4x4 is Radio Controlled, 2-way RC system required (steering + speed control). Model uses standard electronic components available in online stores, including motor, servo, Li-Poly battery.