Model 7: Buggy


This is a.. beast! Model 7: Buggy brings these features:

  • Prusa Mini compatible (finally!)
  • 1/8 scale, identical to other 3D Sets models
  • Light terrain/On road capabilities, tyre tracks may occur in the interior 😉
  • Rear Wheel Drive & independent wheel suspension
  • Adjustable chassis height – choose from 3 different chassis heights
  • Durable and quiet belt transmission (3D Sets BeltDrive)
  • Easy maintenance/repair – front/rear axles can be easily detached
  • Ready for lights or sound modules


Model 7: Buggy is 3d printable set of parts for your 3d printer. The model is approx. 56 cm long (1:8 scale) and is ready for your RC equipment.

It can be used both indoors/outdoors and have enough torque and power to drift.


Model 7: Buggy

Model bring these new features:

  • 3D Sets BeltDrive – the new transmission solution is very durable, simple and quiet because it uses timing belts. It allows the use of both cheap brushed and powerful brushless motors.

  • Easy maintenance – the front and rear axles are attached with just a few screws and can be very easily removed from the model. An integral part of the rear axle is the transmission with engine and ESC – the entire drive system can be removed from the body in one movement.

  • Easy-to-disassemble – Metal nuts are now embedded for repeatedly disassembled or stressed joints. Removing the axles is now much more convenient.

  • Double Wishbone suspension – independently suspended front axle wheels with sophisticated wheel geometry. The axle can be mounted in 3 different height positions and the mounting of the shock absorbers can also be adapted. The axle uses a system of fully printed 3D Sets ball joints and is optimized for higher impact resistance.

  • The rear swing axle uses an innovative way of transmitting driving force by means of a swinging pulley, is adjustable to 3 height positions and dampers of various lengths can be used.

  • Truly functional 3D printed door handles – not for show, but prevent the door from opening while driving. Safety first!

  • The protective roll cage in the interior complements the sporty character of the Buggy, but it also really reinforces the model’s body.

  • Preparation for the functional lights – the lights have prepared cavities for LED diodes, cable glands are prepared in the model.

  • Possibility to install the G-T Engine Sound System sound module – selection from 58 engine sounds. The module has a reserved space behind the front seats.

  • Highly detailed model of the engine – the engine covers the moving parts of the gearbox and it is possible to experiment with color by changing the filament during printing.

  • Innovative battery box with easy opening with rotary locks, easily accessible from the bottom of the model.

  • Many new details – e.g. realistic emboss on the inner parts of bodywork, fuel tank in the trunk and more.


What you get:
  • 3d printing files: .stl and .gcode optimised for Prusa Mk2-3 printers, .stl for regular 3d printer with 20×20 cm bed size. The total download size is over 400 MB. Total printing time is about 11 days of continuous printing.
  • step-by-step build guide, available here
  • list of all non-printable items (like motor, tires, screws, etc.) with link to recommended online stores


What you will need:
  • any 18 x 18 cm 3D printer, Prusa i3 recommended
  • 3 kg of filament needed to all parts, PLA.
  • bring your own motor/speed controller, servo and battery
  • screws and nuts
  • set of bearings
  • set of rubber tires and shocks


How I get the purchased files?
  • after purchasing this digital product, you can download the printing files under “My account” (in “Downloads” section)
  • payment is available via PayPal service only


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