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Ann 3dset and Bruce 3dset fit to the interiors of all 3dsets car models – any version of Rancher 4×4 and Landy 4×4. Figures are modular, assembled from separate parts without glue, which has these benefits:

    • There are variants of some parts, so you can make your own preferred look of each character!
    • You can easily print every part from different filament colors, so painting the figures is not necessary!
    • Many parts are designed in such a way that they are ready for filament change during printing – for cool color effects and multi-colored parts!
    • You can easily transform figures any time – just swap body parts to change the style and cloth on a daily basis! No glue…

In future you can expect new parts, so you get the same joy experience you are expecting from 3dsets products  🙂 Read Build Guide to get more information.


3dsetsFamily – Ann & Bruce for 3dsets car scale models


What is included?
  • 2 different figures (woman and man), each in 2 different variations (various cloths/hairs) and each in 2 different sitting poses (driver/passenger seat).
  • figures fit Landy/Rancher models – the front seats. Rear seats are not supported now.
  • you can experiment with combining different parts to achieve a new look.
What you get:
  • 3d printing files: .stl and .gcode optimised for Prusa Mk2-3 printers, .stl for other regular 3d printers. File download about 628 MB.
  • step-by-step build guide, available here
What you will need:
How I get the purchased files?
  • after purchasing this digital product, you can download the printing files under “My account” (in “Downloads” section)

1 review for 3D Sets Family – Ann & Bruce

  1. hp.pavel (verified owner)

    postavy jsou super ale mám dotaz bude se uvažovat o doplnění postav i pro model 7? Děkuji

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