3D Sets Storage System


Would you like to have more 3D Sets products, but have a problem with the place? Or do you just need to protect models during transport?  We bring a solution for you – the 3D Sets Storage System. Build storage/transport box using 3d printed parts and hardboard panels. The main features are:

  • easy to modify dimensions – build a box in any size, not just for car models
  • boxes are stackable – save space by storing boxes in a pile
  • durability – protect your models during transport in a car trunk
  • lightweight – box is build using a 3 mm thick hardboard (from any hobby store) and has a transporting handle made from textile band
  • Your car model is fixed inside the box by 3d printed wheel supports to prevent any movement
  • click-on or slide-in removable front panel
  • optional internal Shelves and Dividers



3D Sets Storage System v1.1, release date: October 7, 2021

  • Easy-opening, click-on side lid, which can be opened even when boxes are stacked;
  • Variable shelves and dividers – now you can easily split inside volume to make space for the transmitter, batteries, etc.
  • Side handles – now you can use optional side handles for easy manipulation. They have strap holders included.
  • Label system – you can 3d print text labels to mark what’s inside the box.


3D Sets Storage System


What you get:
  • 3d printing files: .stl and .gcode optimised for Prusa MK2/3/Mini printers, .stl for regular 3d printer with18x18 cm bed size.
  • step-by-step build guide, available here
What you will need:
  • any 18 x 18 cm 3D printer, Prusa MK3/Mini recommended
  • 500 g of filament needed to print all parts, PLA (or any other)
  • 3 mm hardboard panels from your local hobby store, dimensions are specified in the Build Guide (All the drawings are in METRIC dimensions ONLY!)
  • screws
  • textile strap/band 40-45 mm wide, 125 – 130 cm long
How do I get the purchased files?
  • after purchasing this digital product, you can download the printing files under “My Account” (in the “Downloads” section)


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